Vol 1 -2012

Theme: Alive and Active: Image of the Word of God in the Bible

  1. Alive and Active God’s Word in the Nigerian Context –Teresa Okure, SHCJ
  2. The Bible as “Letter Sent by God to Humankind”: Outlining the Theological and Pastoral Merits and Demerits of the Analogy Ernest M. Ezeogu
  3. The Word of God as Food: Implications for Eucharistic TheologyLuke Emehiele Ijezie
  4. The Word of the Lord and the Power of Human Agency: An Appraisal of a Theological DynamicMary-Sylvia Nwachukwu
  5. “Planted in the House of the Lord” (PS 92:14): Arboreal Images in Psalm 92Mary Jerome Obiorah
  6. The Motif of the Word of God in the Prologue (Isa 40:1-11) and Epilogue (Isa 55:6-11) of Deutero-IsaiahAgnes Acha
  7. “House Built on the Rock” (Matt 7:24-27): The Challenge of Hearing the Word for Nigerian Christians Joel Okechukwu
  8. The Word of God as Life Giving Power in the Fourth Gospel with Particular Reference to the Raising of Lazarus from the Dead (John 11:1-44) Cosmas C. Uzowulu, OFMCap
  9. Narrative Criticism as a Hermeneutical Key for Interpreting the Gospels in the African Context Anthony Iffen Umoren
  10. Interpreting Scripture with the Church Fathers: A Case for Effective HermeneuticsStephen Ziga Dedua

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