Vol 8 – 2016

Theme: Consecration and Vows in the Bible

  1. Living in the Sacred Sphere: Israel’s Vocation as a Consecrated Nation in Exodus 19:3b-6 and Its Theological Significance  –Luke Emehiele Ijezie

  2. The Lifestyle of a Nazirite in Num 6:1-8: A Prototype of Consecrated Life – Cletus U. Obijiaku

  3. ‘Separation’ In the Life of a Nazarite: The Import of nzr in Num 6:1-8 and Its Implications for Intra-familial Relations by Consecrated Persons Today – Gerald Emem Umoren

  4. Ecclesiastes 5:3-4 and Its Challenge for Practice of Vows Today – Emmanuel O. Nwaoru

  5. “Fulfill What You Vow!” A Study of Sapiential Injunction in Eccl 5:4-6 – Obiorah Mary Jerome

  6. “I Consecrated You” (Jer 1:5): Its Implications for the Catholic Priesthood in Nigeria – Jimoh John Abimbola

  7. “Before You Were Born, I Consecrated You:” Consecration and the Vocation of the Prophet: A Study of Jer 1:5 – Anthony Ovayero Ewherido

  8. Grappling With YHWH’s Covenant (Mic 6:1-8): An Insight For Conciliatory and Consolidatory Formula For the Consecrated Person – Oliver O. Ugwu

  9. “Do Not Swear At All” (Matt 5:34): An Imperative Again All Oaths? – Anthony Iffen Umoren

  10. A Study of Jesus’ Consecration in the Temple (Luke 2:21-38) in the Light of an Igbo Traditional Consecration Rite in Nigeria – Chris Ukachukwu Manus

  11. Jesus’ Baptism and the Consecration of the Baptized: The Study of Luke 3:21-22  – Cosmas C. Uzowulu
  12. Implication of Jesus’ Consecration Vis-à-vis Consecration of the Religious (Luke 4:16-30). – Victor Onwukeme

  13. “Consecrate Them in the Truth!” John 17:17: Consecrated Persons as Agents/Instruments of Truth – Emmanuel Maigari

  14. “For Their Sake I Consecrate Myself” (John 17:19): Jesus’ Prayer (John 17) As Index to Consecrated Life – Teresa Okure

  15. Consecration: Reading Sacrifice of Body and Mind in Rom 12:1-2 – Caroline Mbonu

  16. The ‘Elected’ as ‘Resident Aliens’ and ‘Sojourners’ in 1 Pet 2:11 –  Christopher Naseri

  17. President’s Address – Consecration and Vows in the Bible

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